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Projekt P1


Equilibration in Topological Flat-Band Systems


Thomas Dahm


It is an interesting fundamental question, how equilibration and thermalization occurs in closed quantum systems under unitary time evolution. Of particular interest are systems that do not thermalize like the so-called many-body localized systems that have been studied recently. After some time such systems reach an equilibrium state that retains a memory of the initial state of the system. In the present project we want to study systems that possess flat energy bands in their single-particle spectrum. Such systems have been realized experimentally in different physical settings. In such systems stationary states exist, which remain localized during time evolution. We want to investigate how the presence of such states affects the equilibration and thermalization properties of the system. In particular, we intend to investigate the influence of interaction between the particles and the influence of disorder. We want to determine whether a many-body localized phase exists in such systems. Also the validity of the eigenstate thermalization hypothesis in these systems will be investigated.