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Colloquia and Seminars

(While this list is not intended to be exhaustive, it is frequently updated.)

Seminar in Osnabrück (12.03.2019)

Many-body localization from one-particle perspective, speaker: Dr. Miroslav Hopjan (Universität Göttingen)

Seminar in Osnabrück (05.03.2019)

Presence and absence of thermalization in isolated quantum systems, speaker: Dr. Tatsuhiko Ikeda (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Colloquium in Osnabrück (17.01.2019)

Do thermodynamically rigid solids exist?, speaker: Prof. Dr. Peter Sollich (Universität Göttingen)

Seminar in Bielefeld (14.12.2018)

Equilibration of expectation values for statically and dynamically generated initial conditions, speaker: Dr. Christian Bartsch (Universität Osnabrück)

Seminar in Osnabrück (04.12.2018)

Integrable structures in the Hofstadter model, speaker: Dennis Schubert (Universität Osnabrück)

Seminar in Bielefeld (30.11.2018)

Equilibration towards generalized Gibbs ensembles in non-interacting theories, speaker: Dr. Terry Farrelly (Universität Hannover)

Seminar in Osnabrück (06.11.2018)

Relaxation in asymmetrischen Spinleitern bei dynamischer Auslenkung, speaker: Mats Lamann (Universität Osnabrück)

Mini-Workshop in Bielefeld (23.10.2018)

Speakers: Johannes Richter (Magdeburg), Tjark Heitmann (Osnabrück), Robin Heveling (Osnabrück), Robin Steinigeweg (Osnabrück), Heinz-Jürgen Schmidt (Osnabrück)

Seminar in Bielefeld (19.10.2018)

Colloidal heat engines driven by temperature anisotropy: exactly solvable models, speaker: Prof. Dr. Ralf Eichhorn (Nordita, Stockholm)

Colloquium in Oldenburg (05.07.2018)

Quantum transport within a background medium: Fluctuations versus correlations, speaker: Prof. Dr. Holger Fehske (Universität Greifswald)

Colloquium in Oldenburg (21.06.2018)

Combining topological insulators and ferromagnets, speaker: Prof. Dr. Thomas Dahm (Universität Bielefeld)

Seminar in Bielefeld (14.06.2018)

Impact of eigenstate thermalization on the route to equilibrium, speaker: Jonas Richter (Universität Osnabrück)

Colloquium in Osnabrück (17.05.2018)

How to create a Floquet time crystal, speaker: Prof. Dr. Martin Holthaus (Universität Osnabrück)

Seminar in Osnabrück (15.05.2018)

The adiabatic and the non-adiabatic behavior of particle(s) under magnetic field, speaker: Firat Yilmaz (Bilkent University, Turkey)

Seminar in Osnabrück (04.05.2018)

Zeitentwicklung kleiner Spinsysteme - Äquilibrierung, speaker: Robin Heveling (Universität Bielefeld)

Exakte Diagonalisierung von Heisenberg-Spinringen unter Ausnutzung von Symmetrien, speaker: Tjark Heitmann (Universität Bielefeld)

Seminar in Osnabrück (05.04.2018)

Gauge symmetry and incoherent reduction of random phase to derive statistical mechanics from quantum mechanics, speaker: Yuho Yokoi (Mie University, Japan)

Estimating entanglement in a class of N-qudit states, speaker: Prof. Dr. Sumiyoshi Abe (Mie University, Japan)

Seminar in Bielefeld (22.02.2018)

Brownian motion of an ellipsoidal particle in a tilted periodic potential: long-term velocity and diffusion, speaker: Prof. Dr. Ralf Eichhorn (Nordita, Stockholm)

Seminar in Bielefeld (26.01.2018)

Finite-temperature dynamics using matrix product states, speaker: Dr. Salvatore Manmanna (University Göttingen)

Colloquium in Osnabrück (25.01.2018)

Quantum heat engines and refrigerators, speaker: Dr. Michele Campisi (University Florence)

Seminar in Osnabrück (12.12.2017)

Quantum distillation: how to make cold atoms cold, speaker: Dr. Jacek Herbrych (University Tennessee)